un/rest is a photographic study of sleep culture in our society that explores what sleep looks like today while analyzing the issue of societies current issues with sleep. Drawing from research into the evolution of sleep, how we view it, what we do or do not understand about it, and how it has come to trouble us so much today, un/rest acts as an ongoing documentation of these studies and questions.


This study currently features nine subjects photographed in different environments that they sleep in, with the photographs placed into a web page that allows the user to interact with them for an added level of immersion, instead of a series of static images.

This project began with a personal fascination of sleep, as well as my own issues I have experienced with it. After conducting primary research on the topic I realized that the biggest topic within the study of sleep that is being looked into right now is sleeping disorders and the rising issues that our world has with getting enough sleep. I felt the need to focus on this and wanted to create something that provided a narrative of this issue and focused on exactly how sleep (or the lack of) feels for society right now.